Issues with Driving

Tags: think and design
Personhours: 22
Issues with Driving By Cooper, Jose, Ben, Bhanaviya, Karina, and Justin

Task: Widen Superman's wheels and plan the new robot

Since we just qualified, we have a lot to do. On the list for tonight, between the 6 of us, we have:

  • Teaching Cooper how to write a blog post
  • Work on the model of the new robot
  • Widen the superman wheel
  • Start the bill of materials'
  • Bhanaviya and Karina worked on widening the superman wheels by adding 2 more omniwheels on a newly cut shaft. This will help stablize the robot when moving into the extended position. Hopefully, this will prevent falls in the future, but it does not guarantee it. During this, they started the Bill of Materials, a list of all the parts that make up the new robot.

    Bhanaviya also trained me (Cooper) how to write and upload a blog post, while Ethan is out. Justin worked on the model for the new robot. He did end up having a bit of a setback, as the program crashed, and he learned the importance of saving his work. In the end, he got a lot done.

    Next Steps

    Next, we will work building the new robot.

    Date | March 8, 2019