BigWheel Upgrades

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Personhours: 5
BigWheel Upgrades By Evan

Task: Fix some issues on BigWheel before the build freeze

The robot in a whole is getting stronger each day. All the subsystems work well, but they could work better, which is what I have devoted myself to fix. All the major systems are on a build freeze, and I can no longer make large changes to the robot, so now it’s time for all the much needed little ones that will more finely tune the robot hardware. I started my quiet Sunday evening by making a much more secure way of activating our hook, switching our piece of wire attaching the servo to the hook with a much stronger and less likely to bend strip of polycarb, which greatly improved the reliability of the hook. I then worked on limiting the back and forth motion of our slides at their attaching points. I achieved this by inserting a small piece of drywall sandpaper in between the stages of the slides. Hopefully, the added friction will create a stronger hold between the stages fo the slide. Next, I fixed some servo issues with the gate on the intake system, namely grinding down a bolt to more securely attach the servo horn to the servo since it’s a REV hex shaft to servo adapter and the bolts we had didn’t fit inside well enough. Once that was done, I finished my evening off by changing the ratio between the belt drive pulleys, going from a 1:1 (36 teeth to 36 teeth) to a 5:3 (60 teeth to 36 teeth) by increasing the size of the pulley at the motor. This should increase the quickness of our lift and hopefully let us squeeze a few more mineral pick up and depositing cycles in. The evening ended successfully, and the next major minor fix will be replacing all the gears on our arm since they’re wearing out over time.

Next Steps

It's time to turn the robot over to the coders and drivers, so there won't be many changes after this,

Date | February 10, 2019