Bigwheel Model

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Personhours: 7
Bigwheel Model By Justin

Task: Design and update the Bigwheel Model

We are working on updating our BigWheel 3D model to include chassis changes and our new intake and lift system. We have an older bigwheel model from the chassis study over the summer that we are modifying to match our competition robot. So far we have added on the intake and sorting system, the lift, and the superman arm. The lift however, has recently been modified twice and the model needs to be updated. The main issue we are having with the model is correctly placing the motors on the model because the lift motors are spaced oddly and mounted on a gear connected to the REV rail supports, which extend from the chassis. This makes it difficult to find the right orientation and spacing of the motors on the model.

We were updating the old rev rail linear slide to our custom slide and pivot system when we switched lifts again. The new lift uses carbon fiber rods to support the weight of the intake system, which has also changed from the passive sorting mechanism to a miniature corn on the cob. In addition to carbon fiber rods, we also added a new alternative linear slide system. The challenge is that there are no cad files that match the slides we used. We have been working on modeling the slide as well as the pieces that attach the intake to the slide.

Next Steps

The slide parts are not standard in FTC so we need to custom model the new slide and it's components. We designed a custom ratchet system that will allow the robot to slide onto the lander hook and lock it there to allow it to lift itself. We will add this and a few other small 3D printed support brackets to the robot, as well as the polycarb mineral storage system once we pick a final version. The model is only missing the intake and some small custom parts. We hope the 3D printed parts will be easy to add to the model but the new slide system and intake will definitely be a challenge.

Date | February 10, 2019