Regionals Pit Activities

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Regionals Pit Activities By Kenna and Janavi

Wylie Regional Pit Activities

Competitions are a marathon. However, Iron Reign generally starts at a sprint. We’ve often had a problem with engagement during the latter parts of the competition. There’s also only so many roles on the drive team, and so many teams to scout. Especially after presenting and having been up late the night before, many of our team members have limited things to do and limited energy to do it with. We practice our presentations so much that many of us focus directly on judging, forgetting there’s still a full day ahead of us.

Our goal for this coming regional is to have everyone be engaged through the entire day. We loved talking to teams at Regionals last year and getting memorabilia, like buttons and patches. Last year, we had business cards and small 3D printed relics. This year, we wanted to take it up a notch in a way that would encourage all our team members to stay engaged.

Regardless of whether or not someone is on the drive team, competition is a stressful time (especially regionals with the new advancement system). We wanted to have some fun de-stressing activities for our fellow teams. They always help us out whether with friendly advice or much-needed duct tape; this is our small way of returning the favor.


  • Puzzle box
  • Robot origami
  • Robotics coloring pages
  • Make-Your-Own bracelet (with FTC-themed charms)

After our success with using the Epilog Mini laser-cutter to create our side shields, we decided to use it to create the puzzle box and bracelet charms.
To create the design, we used Inkscape: a free Inkscape vector graphics editing system. The basis for the design came from ThingiVerse. Originally, the file contained six side pieces as vector images. We edited the design by moving the side pieces closer together to conserve space as well as including some words to be engraved onto the sides. Our current design can be seen below. We plan to test this out by cutting it upon some chipboard to see if we need to edit or alter the design in any way as the original was optimized for much thicker wood.

Next Steps

Stay tuned for our testing with laser cutter. You can find the bracelet kit we bought here, the origami design here, and the coloring page here.

Date | February 6, 2019