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Meeting Log February 02, 2019 By Charlotte, Kenna, Ethan, Bhanaviya, Jose, Ben, Evan, and Janavi

Meeting Log February 02, 2019

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Today's Meet Objectives

The DISD STEM Expo took place today. While incredibly rewarding, the experience was tiring, so only a few members made it back for the meeting that took place afterwards. This log will include our objectives and accomplishments from the meetings we held throughout the week afterschool which include build changes to the depositer, some calculations for analysis various parts of the robot, and preparatiion for our pit setup at regionals.

Today's Meet Log

There are two different components to our pit design, the posters and the activities. We want to include our research on our posters this year as well as a poster that displays our connections with engineers. The research poster will include a few projects we have done this year including our friction tests, materials test, and torque/gear ratios calculations as well as calculations for the elbow, wheels, and other vital parts on our robot. Janavi has been designing these posters based on the journal entries we have made about the tests. Kenna has taken charge of the activities in our pit. A few ideas we have been throwing around are origami and bracelet/necklace making. Also, we are going to be handing out business cards and little tokens with our logo and team name, the design of which Ethan completed and we will print on the laser cutter at our school. We hope these activities and handouts will bring more teams to our pit so we can make more connections with teams throughout the region, also they're pretty fun!

Ethan and the research poster

On the building side of things, Evan has been working on a mechanical depositer for minerals in the lander. We want to utilize a mechanical part to remove burden from the driver, who also has to worry about alignment with the lander as well as control of the arm. This also removes burden from our coders, who have many goals to accomplish before we will be ready for regionals. Once the initial depositer was built, we did some tests during the STEM Expo, as we had a field set up outside the MXP to show off our robots to all of the kids coming through the booth. The depositer, unfortunately, did not perform very well. The biggest problem stemmed from the elastics that enabled it to be entirely mechanical. If the elastics are too tight, it would not bend enough to let the minerals fall out of the little trap door. If the elastics are too loose, the trap door won't be sturdy enough to hold the minerals in before depositing. We are looking for other options now, and we are most likely going to opt for replacing the elastics with a driver-controlled servo. This will put more of a burden on the drivers unless the coders find the time to program sensors for depositing. Either way, we need more driving practice which we hope to accomplish in the next two weeks before regionals. Fingers crossed!

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