Meeting Log Jan 5 2019

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Meeting Log Jan 5 2019 By Bhanaviya, Charlotte, Kenna, Evan, Arjun, Ethan, Janavi, Karina, Austin, Lin, Jayesh, and Omar
Meeting Log: Jan 5, 2019

Today's Meet Objectives

Winter break is coming to a close so for today's meet, we have more ambitious goals than usual. Some goals for today include lowering the latch on Superman so that it becomes more hook-friendly, taking a team-picture, and re-assign presentation slides.

On the robot, Evan lowered the latch system so that the system would be compatible for the hanging task. After the latch system was lowered, bolts on both sides of the lift system had to be moved so that they would allign with one another. The lift system was also modified so that it becomes motorized and thus no longer has to rely on gravity to be operational. Additionally, Janavi and Karina attached the ratchet-latch to a polycarb so that it would be more supported when attempting to latch on.

In terms of code, Arjun is working on using internal Tensorflow Object Detection code to grab frames for the autonomous. Additionally, he is working on ensuring accuracy in the output of OpenCV. Since the mineral intake system is a critical function during both autonomous and teleop, most of this break was spent on ensuring that the code for the mineral-intake was accurate and efficient.

Our first presentation of the season got off to a rocky start. So, to ensure that there won't be a repeat of that situation at our next qualifier, with the help of the alums, we did a thorough presentation runthrough. We started out by re-assigning presentation slides, taking into account who would and would not be present for the next qualifier. We aldo added slides about the more recent outreach events we were involved in thus far, such as the DPRG Presentation. Then, we redid our presentation, with the alums as iur judges. A critique that persisted from our "judges" was that we weren't as enthusiastic as we could have been. So, we decided that a better way to convey our energy was by finding out a way in which we stood out from other competing teams. Since we were an outreach-oriented team, the best way for us to have accomplish this goal would be to emphasize the value gained from our outreach, rather than the strategic goals achieved. This would allow us to relay our enthusiasm for FIRST and STEM as a whole more effectively, and allow us to have a greater impact to those whom we present to. Another way for us to stand out was the back-and-forth debate between Karina and Evan on Mini Mech vs Big Wheel. Since that interaction effectively conveyed both the iterative nature of Iron Reign's engineering process as well as our team's quirks as a whole, we realized with the help of our alums that it would be a creative way for us to stand out. With all this in mind, we are now better-prepared for our next presentation.

And last but not least, we accomplished the task of taking a suitable team picture for our journal - this one encompassing both current and old members of the team.

Next Steps

Now that our presentation has been improved upon, the next step is to have a group run-through before we're ready to present on Jan 19th. Robot hanging and a working autonomous are our biggest priorities for the upcoming qualifier, so we will meet over the next 2 weeks.

Date | January 5, 2019