Agenda for Dallas Personal Robotics Group

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Agenda for Dallas Personal Robotics Group By Bhanaviya, Karina, Kenna, Ethan, Abhi, Evan, and Charlotte

Task: Set up an outline as to how the DPRG Presentation will operate

Next Saturday, December 8th, Iron Reign will be giving its judging presentation to members from the Dallas Personal Robotics Group. Our primary purpose from this visit is to gain feedback from engineers in the community on our presentation. The presentation is anticipated to go beyond 15 minutes, so that we can introduce our potential ideas for the near-future, and so that DPRG can ask us more technical questions, that may not have arose from our presentation. Here's our anticpated agenda:

  1. Before the presentation begins, we will play the challenge reveal for this year, so that DPRG gets a basic idea as to what mechanical and technical challenges we must overcome in this season.
  2. Members who were with the team during Worlds will give an overview of what the Worlds championship is like.
  3. We give our judging presentation. (Approximately 15 minutes)
  4. We provide a demo of our robot. This demo will be similar to what we provided to the judges during pit-visits.
  5. We discuss some of our more ambitious build ideas thus far, such as the Superman Subsystem, and potential ways to improve upon these ideas.
  6. Provide an introduction of our Android Studio Control System and discuss the operation of how Big Wheel performs autonomous, and other low-level behaviors based on remote control and telemetry.
  7. We will wrap-up by discussing our expectations for the rest of the season, and answer any other questions DPRG has for us.

Next Steps

We will meet during the rest of the week to practise our presentation for this Saturday. Based on our first qualifier, our judging presentation could use some improvement, so we will work on fine-tuning that as well. We will have one last meeting on Friday to practise, before our presentationon the 8th. This presentation is anticipated to have an audience who will be particularly interested in the technical parts of our robot, so we also have to work on getting Big Wheel ready for demo-mode before this Saturday.

Date | December 1, 2018