Conrad Qualifier Post Mortem - Long Term

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Conrad Qualifier Post Mortem - Long Term By Ethan

What could have gone better?

Our last postmortem discussed what went wrong with our performance, what our negatives were, discussing on each point whether we crashed and burned or if we merely dropped in altitude. This post isn't about that - it's about what we need to do to do better

WWJD? - Prep

We were not at our best in prep. But, this isn't about what we did wrong, it's about what we need to improve. The format of this will be in issue > solution format.

  • Lack of tools and parts
    • Pack tools the week before - involves better organization overall
    • Bring failsafes & extra parts - prevents costly errors
  • Little presentation practice
    • Cut down powerpoint - optimally 8 minutes
    • More practice - seamless transition
    • Order - we need to tell a story
  • Journal prep
    • Same issue - we need to organize the journal to tell a story
    • Lack of images - backdate images in blog posts
    • Lack of diagrams - explanatory
    • Lack of continuity - link posts together to show how components of team have changed
    • Need to write real control award


  • Autonomous
    • No autonomous - need to have functional autonomous
  • TeleOp
    • Robot easily breaks - need to create presets to prevent


  • Lift
    • Lift linear slide broke - need to redesign with new linear slides
  • Intake
    • Intake did not actually move - need to reattach motors


  • Presentation
    • Map slides to articles in journal
    • Review judging rubrics

Next Steps

Date | November 20, 2018