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Meeting Log November 17, 2018 By Charlotte, Karina, Kenna, Janavi, Evan, Justin, Ethan, Arjun, Bhanaviya, and Abhi

Meeting Log November 17, 2018

Evan working on the robot!

Today's Meet Objectives

We are going to discuss multiple facets of our team (presentation, engineering journal, organization, etc) with alumni Jayesh and Lin. What we hope to gain out of our conversation is an outside perspective. In addition to this conversation we wish to continue in our reflection of the tournament last weekend and preparation for our next tournament.

Today's Meet Log

To say that Iron Reign, along with the rest of the teams that share our space, has been messy would be an understatement. In the week leading up to the qualifier, our workspace became incredibly untidy to our detriment, as it is much more difficult to find a tool or part when everything is spread all over the house and the tent. Since the qualifier, we are taking any down time we have to organize our space. Karina and Janavi spent a large portion of practice organizing all of our parts and tools. They organized our drawers Organiation has historically been a weak spot for Iron Reign, so this year we really want to crack down on that problem.

We only had a few hours to build, and to make up for that we had a lot of hands on the robot. Evan, Kenna, Janavi, and Karina (when the latter two weren't organizing) were all making improvements on our robot, notable problems we found at the tournament last week. These problems mostly dealt with wire organization and our superman arm, which we fixed some good progress with. Also, Bhanaviya is learning to make blog posts. We showed her our blog post guides and answered any questions she had. Expect to hear from her soon :)

The main focus of today's meeting was speaking to our alumni Jayesh and Lin who are both in their sophomore of college. They were both founding members of Iron Reign, they were in their senior year the first time we went to supers. We pulled up Skype and were happy to realize that Abhi, who couldn't make it to practice today, could join the call. We started off by introducing Iron Reign's new members, Arjun and Bhanaviya, and then we kicked right into conversation. First, we talked about the competition last weekend. They had looked over the engineering journal and the video of our presentation and gave us some helpful advice as to improve those aspects of the competition. Our presentation lacked energy and enthusiasm, which is a common problem in our presentations. We have great enthusiasm for our work and progress, but we have trouble expressing it on early morning competition days. This could also be improved by lots and lots of practice, so we don't ever have to focus on our memorization, rather focusing on the expression of our passion for robotics. Also, they provided insight on our engineering journal, which they said needs more cohesiveness between posts. This takes the form of adding links to older blog posts that reference future ones after we have written them. Finally, we discussed the new teams we have started, Iron Core and Iron Star, and asked for their advice on how to approach mentoring the new recruits. They told us that rather than waiting for them to seek us out, we need to seek them out, as many of the recruits don't have the confidence to approach us, since many of our team members are older. We want to let them know that Iron Reign is here to help them in any way possible and to make our workspace one of collaboration and the transfer of ideas through the teams and grade levels.

Today's Work Log

Team MembersTaskStart TimeDuration
KarinaOrganization and Build2:004 hrs
AbhiConversation2:004 hrs
EvanRobot build2:004 hrs
CharlotteBlog and organization2:004 hrs
EthanWorking on blog2:004 hrs
KennaRobot build2:004 hrs
Justin3D Modelling2:004 hrs
JanaviOrganization and build2:004 hrs
BhanaviyaLearning to Blog2:004 hrs
Date | November 17, 2018