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Meeting Log October 20, 2018 By Charlotte, Kenna, Janavi, Ethan, Arjun, Justin, and Abhi

Meeting Log October 20, 2018

Juggling the minerals

Today's Meet Objectives

Our first scrimmage is next weekend! We have a lot of work to get done before then so today is going to be a busy day. We need to complete our chassis and some sort of intake system system. Every member needs to take on their own portion of the robot so we can divide and conquer to end today's meeting with a working robot.

Finally, we have a chassis. We used small mechanum wheels and a small rectangular frame which is very unusual for Iron Reign with our history of 18 in x 18 in robots. The chassis that Janavi build last weekend during the outreach event was a square, but we needed to make it rectangular to make room for motors. Usually, we have a problem with sizing requirements, so we are going to try for a different approach.

Janavi and Justin worked on the linear slides that Janavi has been working on for a few weeks. Before, we had tested and mounted the slide to an existing chassis, but there were some improvements to be made. They changed the length of the linear slide from using 18 in rails to 12 in rails and added stops so that the slide don't slide out of eachother. They also strung the slides so that they can extend and retract depending on the direction of rotation of the wheels.

Janavi, Justin, and some slides

Arjun built a phone mount, a simple necessity for our robot. Besides building, Arjun worked with a few members from Iron Star and Iron Core so that they could start programs for the robots they have been working on. A few weeks ago, Abhi gave them an introduction to coding, but Arjun helped them from the very beginning of making a new project and writing their first lines of code. Iron Reign has been utilizing GitHub for many years and we have found it very helpful, so we helped the other teams set up their own GitHub repositories and taught them how to use it.

Arjun and the phone mount
GitHub Sesh!

Ethan and Abhi worked on our intake system! We are using silicone mats for kitchen counters to launch field elements into our intake system. The minerals then are filtered through 3 bars, each space by 68 mm so that balls roll over and cubes fall in. They completed the intake mechanism, but their greatest challenge is fine tuning the sorting bars and finding a way to mount it onto the chassis. Eventually, we wish to make the system pivotable, but for now we mounted it to the chassis so that it is stationary.

Intake mechanism with red silicon mats

Kenna built a mount for all of electronics and attached to the chassis. We tried to use the mount that was built for Garchomp, but it wasn't ideal and would not have lasted due to size differences. We used plywood to create this mount so that we can make adjustments in the future. On the new board, Kenna attached REV hubs, so we finally are able to set up the electronics of the robot.

Team MembersTaskStart TimeDuration
CharlotteBlog and organization2:004 hrs
EthanWorking on blog and build2:004 hrs
KennaRobot build2:004 hrs
JanaviRobot build2:004 hrs
ArjunBuild and mentoring2:004 hrs
KarinaRobot Build2:004 hrs
AbhiRobot Build2:004 hrs
Date | October 20, 2018