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SEM STEM Spark By Ethan, Charlotte, Janavi, Abhi, Karina, Justin, Bhanaviya, and Alisa

Task: Volunteer at SEM STEM Spark

For the past year, members of Iron Reign have been planning this event and getting approval. For those not-in-the-know, this event is a women-only STEM event with a guest panel and four different stations: environmental science, chemistry, engineering, and robotics. Iron Reign members had a hand in planning and assisting with 3/4 of these, as well as general logistics. However, most of this is detailed in prior posts - this post is for the actual event.

Today, we talked to 140 girls in groups of 12-18, allowing us to be able to focus more intensely in our sessions and get more done. In our main robotics session, we were planning to have half of our event aboard the RV outside and half inside. But, due to flash flooding, we had to bring everything inside. So, we split our event into two, with half doing EV3 Sumo in one room and half creating keychains in the other. As well, we had members helping the kids create water filters for the environmental science session and others preparing the chemicals for chemistry. Finally, we had a member present as a panel member as a woman in STEM.

Next Steps

This event was a great success, and we plan to do more like these in the future.

Date | October 13, 2018