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Meeting Log October 13, 2018 By Charlotte, Janavi, Ethan, Arjun, Abhi, Justin, and Karina

Meeting Log October 13, 2018

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Today's Meet Objectives

Today we are taking part in a massive outreach event to teach STEM to girls all over North Dallas: SEM STEM Spark. However, we do have competitions/scrimmages coming up really soon, so we wish to get some substantial building done.

We brought some tools to the event so that Janavi could work on the chassis. Our chassis is a lot smaller than previous years, as we usually have a problem with size. We had been working on a different chassis beforehand, but we scrapped that design because of its lack of mounting points and due to the fact that it was poorly assembled. Because we completely started a new chassis with so few weekends before our first scrimmage, it is essential that we utilize the time that we have to get things done. Janavi started with just some extrusion rails and mounted some motors and wheels.

Arjun continued to work on a convolution neural network, which, once the network is complete, we will compare with Open CV. We have used Open CV for our computer vision algorithms for a couple of years, but we are now looking into other options to see if cnn will be a more accurate method of differentiating between field elements.

Besides working on the chassis and a CNN, most of us taught and shared our passion for STEM at the event. The event was 10 hours long, so it was a long haul, but we had a really great time and the girls did too.

Team MembersTaskStart TimeDuration
CharlotteOutreach8:0010 hrs
EthanOutreach8:0010 hrs
JanaviBuild8:0010 hrs
ArjunConvolution Neural Network8:0010 hrs
AbhiOutreach8:0010 hrs
KarinaOutreach8:0010 hrs
JustinOutreach8:0010 hrs
Date | October 13, 2018