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Meeting Log October 06, 2018 By Charlotte, Kenna, Janavi, Ethan, and Arjun

Meeting Log October 06, 2018

Code Testing with Arjun :)

Today's Meet Objectives

Since many of our members had other commitments today, we are expecting a quiet day. We set up some tables with FTC Starter Kits for our new rectuits so we can give them an introduction to building with REV parts. We want to continue research & design and building for Iron Reign. There is a scrimmage coming up in a few weeks, so we want to have a working chassis by then.

Today's Meet Log

Kenna and Janavi worked on a chassis. We hope to mount the linear slides we completed last time onto this chassis and hopefully use it for our first scrimmage. We had a frame for the chassis done last time, and this time we added motors and one of four wheels. Hopefully, the chassis will be complete by next week and then we can run some test to determine whether or not it will be a viable or effective chassis for competition use. If we deem that it is worthy, there are a few problems we need to fix before competition day. Notably, the chassis doesn't fit within the sizing cube, as it measures 17 in x 18 and 1/16th in. Before worrying about this we want to get it working.

Kenna with the chassis frame (pre-motored)
Kenna and Janavi installing the motors

We have been pretty behind in our blog posts, so Ethan has been catching us up with some prototyping posts. We also discussed what we want to improve in ou engineering notebook this year. In previous years, one of our greatest weaknesses has been the lack of mathematical analysis in our blog posts. A few members showed interest, so we are going to work hard to do more parts testing and incorporate statistics and physics from those tests into our blog posts. Also Ethan has been working on his own prototyping with grabbers. Abhi designed and printed parts to mount our "corn on the cob" material, and Ethan put it together and made a small frame to put it on so we can test it.

Ethan working on the blog
Ethan with the "corn on the cob"

Today, I made some real progress on our team "Gantt" chart. I will write more about this in a separate blog post, but we hope to utilize such a chart in order to improve team organization and structure. Hopefully, this will prevent certain subteams from falling behind and we will not be rushed right before competitions as that has happened a lot historically.

Arjun has kept working on updating to the new app. Once updated, he tested our code with the new update on Kraken, our robot from last year. He also took 72 pictures of the minerals for training of a neural network. He began compiling those images and will work on the neural network in the coming weeks.

Today's Work Log

Team MembersTaskStart TimeDuration
CharlotteBlog and organization2:004 hrs
EthanWorking on blog2:004 hrs
KennaRobot build2:004 hrs
JanaviRobot build2:004 hrs
ArjunCode updates2:004 hrs
Date | October 6, 2018