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Meeting Log September 28, 2018 By Charlotte, Karina, Kenna, Janavi, Evan, Abhi, Justin, Ethan, and Arjun

Meeting Log September 28, 2018

Coding lessons with new recruits

Today's Meet Objectives

Since our overflow of new recruits, we have opened up two other teams 15373 and 15375, which Iron Reign will mentor and lead along with our mentorship of 3732 Imperial Robotics, who has also received new recruits. Today we plan to continue intergrating them into FTC; we will begin teaching them the different expectations of an FTC team, including hard and soft skills such as coding and presenting to a panel of judges. In Iron Reign, we are going to continue prototyping various mechanisms we have designed. Also, we are going to get started with coding and autonomous.

Today's Meet Log

This week, we had even more recruits join us today, so we decided to run through our Worlds presentation from last year to teach them about the judging process and our engineering process. We set their expectations for what competition day looks like, and what they need to focus on and maintain throughout the season, such as the engineering journal and outreach. We had a long discussion about subteams and we are going to let the recruits explore these subteams and decide for themselves what parts of FTC they wish to pursue.

Presentation to recruits.

In the build team, Janavi continued working with linear slides, Kenna built and installed a battery and REV hub holder for Garchomp, and Evan worked on an intake system. We installed Janavi's linear slides on a bare chassis and installed the hook Abhi designed and printed onto the slides. Near the end of practice we tested the slide and we found that it worked pretty well but we need additional tests before we can determine whether it will ba a viable option for our robot. Kenna used plywood to make the battery holder, which is helpful because we are going to use Garchomp for testing this year. Before we just secured the battery with Gaff tape. Evan worked on a secret project, details will be written about in future blog posts. Karina continued to work on our team marker. Last time we decided on the design we want to use, and she had put the idea into reality today. Justin 3D modelled and printed wheel mounts for churros and hex shafts.

Ducky incarcerated :(
Justin modelling

In our code team, Arjun and Abhi updated to the new FTC app; a process we have to do every year before we start the code for that year. Over the summer, we worked on a new replay autonomous system where rather than coding an autonomous, testing it, then fixing it, we drive the robot in our intended path and that path is automatically recorded in the code. This year, we don't think that system will work, with the heavy emphasis on computer vision and the unreliable positioning of the robot after it drops off the hook on the rover. Also, today we worked with the recruits that demonstrated interest in coding. Abhi gave them a lesson and let them create their very first autonomous program by themselves (but with his guidance of course).

Today's Work Log

Team MembersTaskStart TimeDuration
KarinaTeam marker build2:004 hrs
AbhiCoding and teaching2:004 hrs
EvanRobot build2:004 hrs
CharlotteBlog and organization2:004 hrs
EthanWorking on blog2:004 hrs
KennaRobot build2:004 hrs
Justin3D Modelling2:004 hrs
JanaviRobot build2:004 hrs
Date | September 28, 2018