School of Science and Engineering Freshman Orientation

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School of Science and Engineering Freshman Orientation By Austin and Shaggy

Today, we attended the Science and Engineering Magnet's annual freshman orientation. Everyone who is admitted to SEM is required to attend because parents and students get important information about the coming school year, in addition to learning about all the clubs and activities SEM offers. Almost every single one of SEM's organizations come out and talk to incoming students.
All but one of our team members attend SEM so most of us have experienced the event firsthand. When we first came to SEM, none of us really knew what extracurriculars we wanted to do. This event was a great opportunity, not only to tell students about FIRST and Iron Reign, but to meet the people we'll be spending the next year(s) with.

Since more than half of our team are going to graduating next year, we're already thinking about the 2019-2020 season. We want to start members early so we can ensure an effective transfer of knowledge between our rising juniors and new teammates. The best way to learn is through hands-on experience that this coming season could give them.

We drove it through the crowd and spoke to over 20 families about our work in FTC, the robot, competition, and more. Honestly, the robot is a real crowd-pleaser, and the real reason we had the largest audience during the event.There were five kids who were very interested in FTC. We were answering much more specific questions with them, like what the time commitment is, why we chose specific parts, etc. It was great to see such enthusiasm for STEM at such a young age! At one point, they started giving us building suggestions like where to add support bars.
The parents had questions as well and expressed their willingness to support the team.

In the midst of answering questions and demoing the robot, we talked to our principal, Mr. Palacios, who congratulated us on our win at Worlds and was excited to see the finished robot.

Overall, the event was a big success. We made lots of meaningful connections with incoming students and have some prospective members. We look forward to attending next year and maybe welcoming some new teammates.

You can watch a short video of the event here

Date | April 26, 2018