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Welcome to Iron Reign at Dallas ISD's Science and Engineering Magnet

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SEM Robotics Tournament

SEM Robotics Tournament By Coach

Iron Reign (team 6832), The School of Science and Engineering and the Dallas ISD STEM Department are happy to announce that we are hosting our second annual FIRST Tech Challenge qualifying tournament at our Townview campus on December 15th. Thirty North Texas robotics teams will compete for awards and approximately 5 or 6 advancements to the Regional Championship to be held in February.

Calling All Volunteers

This is the first time our school has hosted an official qualifying tournament and we will need your help to make it a first-rate experience. This is a full day event on Saturday, December 15. There are also options to help with setup Friday afternoon December 14. Please feel free to circulate this message to everyone in the SEM community who can contribute their time and expertise. And if you can suggest a business that might want to sponsor the event, we'll be happy to talk with them.

We need to field some 60 or so volunteers!

One group of volunteers that support the running of robot matches include referees, score keepers, inspectors, field managers. Some of these roles require training and certification and we will generally draw from mentors already involved in FTC. Other roles supporting match play do not require training and include field management, pit management and queue management.

Another group of volunteers will support judging of teams for awards. Judges can be drawn from industry or academia and can have an engineering background or a general business backround in a technology industry. Judges assess the merits of teams' robots, their engineering process and journal, their strategic decisions, team dynamics and outreach. Judges will be led by a Judge Advisor, but will need to understand the awards criteria ahead of time.

Another group of volunteers will support the event overall. This includes team registration, crowd control, DJ, videography and photography, A/V support, floaters, runners, concessions, load-in/load-out crew, etc.

This is just a summary of the most common roles, but there are many specialty roles. Full volunteer info can be found here.

For some roles it helps to understand the run-of-show for the day.

How to sign up as a volunteer

FIRST is the governing body of these competitions and they have a volunteer sign up system so that we can assure that all roles are filled by vetted volunteers. We are trying to get all volunteers processed through this system. It does involve creating a FIRST account if you have not previously done so. If you have any issues or are finding the process burdensome, please use our contact form for assistance.

Please sign up for as many roles as you feel comfortable fulfilling. We may need to be flexible with assignments depending on who is available and which roles can be fulfilled by our regional managing partner. Students may volunteer for certain roles and as event hosts, Iron Reign team members will be supporting the event throughout the day.

To begin, go to the volunteer signup page for our event:

If you have not previously registered with FIRST, you'll need to sign up / register and activate your account first. Then you can go back to the link above and indicate your preferences. We truly need your help and look forward to working with you to create a great tournament for our students. We hope this event will showcase SEM as the premiere home for future scientists and engineers.

All our Thanks,

Karim Virani and Cathy Lux

Tournament day is very involved for the teams and volunteers. Here is a typical schedule of the day:

  • 7:30-8:30 Teams arrive, register and load their robots and gear into the pit areas
  • 9:00 - 10:30 Teams present their robots to Judges for the awards competition. They also get their robots inspected and approved for the robot game
  • 10:30 Opening ceremonies and then qualifying matches of the robot game begin. Judges are observing teams in their pits and on the competition field
  • Noon - Lunch will be provided for the teams and volunteers. Judges share information with each other about the teams they interviewed.
  • Afternoon - qualifying matches continue until each team has competed 5 times. There are 4 robots per match and we'll have two alternating competition fields to speed things up.
  • Mid-to-late afternoon is Alliance Selection, top teams from qualifying rounds will build alliances to compete in the elimnation / playoff rounds. Judges continue deliberating.
  • Playoff rounds usually take a bit over an hour
  • Closing Ceremonies and Awards
  • Pack up fields and equipment

We plan to end the tournament by 5pm, but events can run long. All volunteers are encouraged to stay until the end of the tournament, but it's not required if your role is completed earlier in the day.

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Presenting to the DPRG

Presenting to the DPRG By Ethan, Janavi, Charlotte, Arjun, Karina, Abhi, Evan, Bhanaviya, and Kenna

Task: Present to the Dallas Personal Robotics Group about robot vision and Iron Reign

So, we reached out to the Dallas...

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Nylon Materials Testing 2 - Wear and Tear

Nylon Materials Testing 2 - Wear and Tear By Ethan

Task: Test the amount of wear on a moving nylon part over time

So, here's the next article in the material testing series. After our last tournament, we noticed several 3D-printed...

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Nylon Strength Test

Nylon Strength Test By Ethan

Task: Determine what circumstances wear down nylon

We've had some issues with our nylon sprockets, mainly through excessive wear and tear. So, we want to test what circumstances cause what deformation.

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Friction Coefficient and Energy

Friction Coefficient and Energy By Ethan

Task: Measure the coeffiencent of friction of our oven mitt intake

So, we wanted to measure various constants of materials on our robot. Earlier this season, we found that a nylon-mitt collision on our intake...

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Agenda for Dallas Personal Robotics Group

Agenda for Dallas Personal Robotics Group By Bhanaviya, Karina, Kenna, Ethan, Abhi, Evan, and Charlotte

Task: Set up an outline as to how the DPRG Presentation will operate

Next Saturday, December 8th, Iron Reign will be giving its judging presentation to...

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C.A.R.T. Bot Side Shields

C.A.R.T. Bot Side Shields By Ethan

Task: Design sideshields for the Townview Tournament

Iron Reign takes pride in the Townview Tournament; we really enjoy making it a great experience for everyone. One small way we plan to...

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Meeting Log

Meeting Log November 24, 2018 By Ethan, Abhi, Kenna, Janavi, Evan, Karina, and Bhanaviya

Meeting Log November 24, 2018

Two weeks ago, all four teams in the household attended the Conrad Qualifier. This requires huge amounts of...

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Conrad Post-Mortem 3 - the Presentation

Conrad Post-Mortem 3 - the Presentation By Ethan

Task: Review our presenation and point out issues


0:05 [Evan & Everyone] – Absolutely no energy | Suggestion: Have Abhi...

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Conrad Qualifier Post Mortem - Long Term

Conrad Qualifier Post Mortem - Long Term By Ethan

What could have gone better?

Our last postmortem discussed what went wrong with our performance, what our negatives were, discussing on each point whether we crashed and burned or if we merely...

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Chassis Mark Two Planning

Chassis Mark Two Planning By Ethan

Task: Plan a new BigWheel chassis

Our next tournament is a while away, in about two months. So, we have a little bit of time to redesign. And, our current chassis has plenty of faults....

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Mentoring SchimRobots at Rice MS Tournament

Mentoring SchimRobots at Rice MS Tournament By Bhanaviya

Task: Mentor a middle school team at the RMS Qualifier

Earlier today, I attended the Rice Middle School Qualifier, in order to mentor my middle school team, SchimRobots, as an alumnus. Since they weren’t competing in the event,...

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Meeting Log

Meeting Log November 17, 2018 By Charlotte, Karina, Kenna, Janavi, Evan, Justin, Ethan, Arjun, Bhanaviya, and Abhi

Meeting Log November 17, 2018

Today's Meet Objectives

We are going to discuss multiple facets of our team (presentation, engineering journal, organization,...

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Conrad Qualifier Post Mortem - Short Term

Conrad Qualifier Post Mortem - Short Term By Ethan, Bhanaviya, Janavi, Charlotte, Kenna, Arjun, Justin, Janavi, Karina, and Abhi

Task: Analyze what went wrong at Conrad

Iron Reign didn't necessarily have the best time at Conrad. As...

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Materials Testing Planning

Materials Testing Planning By Ethan

Task: Design a lab to test nylon properties

So, Iron Reign is used to using off-the-shelf materials on our robot: silicone oven gloves, ice cube trays, nylon 3D-printed parts, and more. But, we've never actually done...

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Code Post-Mortem after Conrad Qualifier

Code Post-Mortem after Conrad Qualifier By Arjun and Abhi

Task: Analyze code failiure at Conrad Qualifier

Iron Reign has been working hard on our robot, and we expected to do fairly well at our last competition. However, we couldn't be more wrong, since our robot came last place in the...

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Inspire at Conrad Qualifier

Inspire at Conrad Qualifier By Ethan

This weekend, SEM sent four teams to the first qualifying tournament of the FTC Robotics Rover Ruckus 2018-2019 season. Iron Reign won the top award (Inspire) and advanced. For reference, Iron Reign is last year's...

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Conrad Qualifier

Conrad Qualifier By Ethan, Charlotte, Karina, Janavi, Bhanaviya, Abhi, Arjun, Evan, and Justin

Task: Compete at the N. TX Conrad Qualifier

Hello, and welcome, to Iron Reign's first tournament of the season. Right off of a mortifying...

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SEM Robotics Tournament

SEM Robotics Tournament By Coach

Iron Reign (team 6832), The School of Science and Engineering and the Dallas ISD STEM Department are happy to announce that we are hosting our second annual FIRST Tech Challenge qualifying...

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BigWheel Upgrades

BigWheel Upgrades By Evan

Task: Get BigWheel ready for the tournament

Sunday and Monday were good days to be an intake system for big wheel. Mounts were built to attach both types of intake to the rack and pinion tetrix slide...

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Lift By Janavi

Task: Design a lift for MiniChassis

So we need to lift the robot. There are multiple ways to accomplish this including a linear slide or an arm; we decided to begin experimenting with the linear slide...

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Task: Farewell Iron Reign's CNN

So FTC released a new software update that added Tensorflow support. With it came a class that implemented Tensorflow to autonomously detect both minerals. This meant all our progress was undercut by...

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Torque By Karina

Task: Calculate the torque needed to lift chassis

After seeing how well the robots that could latch onto the lander performed at the scrimmage, Iron Reign knew that we had to be able to score these points. We...

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Pose BigWheel

Pose BigWheel By Abhi

Task: New Pose for Big Wheel robot

Historically, Iron Reign has used a class called "Pose" to control all the hardware mapping of our robot instead of putting it directly into our opmodes....

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Joining Iron Reign

Joining Iron Reign By Bhanaviya

Task: Reflect on my introduction into Iron Reign

My induction into Iron Reign began with my introduction to FTC. Last year, in the beginning of my 8th Grade term, I found out that my middle school,...

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Meeting Log

Meeting Log November 03, 2018 By Ethan, Charlotte, Evan, Janavi, Kenna, Karina, Justin, Arjun, Abhi, and Bhanaviya

Meeting Log November 03, 2018

Today's Meet Objectives

So, we have one...

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Full Circle

Full Circle By Evan

A reflection on my time at Iron Reign

In 2012 I began competing in FTC. That year our team built a robot with a giant central arm on top of a six wheeled...

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BigWheel Arm

BigWheel Arm By Evan

Task: Design an arm for BigWheel

Bigwheel’s arm is going tied with the lifter arm as the most integral part of the robot. It wouldn’t work without it. Since our scrimmage, we have...

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Dallas Chamber Leadership Council

Dallas Chamber Leadership Council By Kenna, Janavi, Abhi, and Ethan

Presenting to Leadership Dallas Class of 2019

We'll be frank; we started the morning off unprepared. Our presentation was at 9. It was 8:30, and a few of us hadn't even...

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Strategy and Business Whitepaper

Strategy and Business Whitepaper By Ethan

Task: Write the Strategy+Business Whitepaper for the Journal

For teams who don't know, this kind of paper is suggested for judging. Iron Reign usually completes one every year. You can download the pdf of this post here.

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DISD Scrimmage at Hedrick MS

DISD Scrimmage at Hedrick MS By Charlotte, Janavi, Ethan, Evan, Justin, Karina, and Abhi

Task: Compete at the Hedrick MS DISD Scrimmage

Today, Iron Reign competed in the DISD scrimmage at Hedrick Middle School. This was the...

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Off-Schedule Meeting Log

Off-Schedule Meeting Log October-2 23-2, 2018-2 to October 23, 2018 By Ethan, Karina, Charlotte, Kenna, Arjun, and Evan

Meeting Log October 21 to October 23, 2018

First, I will begin with an anecdote. Last year at Texas Regionals, another team's coach called...

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Meeting Log

Meeting Log October 20, 2018 By Charlotte, Kenna, Janavi, Ethan, Arjun, Justin, and Abhi

Meeting Log October 20, 2018

Juggling the minerals

Today's Meet Objectives

Our first scrimmage is next weekend! We have a lot of work to...

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Intake Update

Intake Update By Ethan, Abhi, Justin, and Kenna

Task: Update the intake for the new robot size

So, we created the corn-cob intake a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, it was a little too big for the Minichassis, so we had to...

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Rewriting CNN

Rewriting CNN By Arjun and Abhi

Task: Begin rewriting the Convolutional Neural Network using Java and DL4J

While we were using Python and TensorFlow to train our convolutional neural network, we decided to attempt writing this in Java, as the code...

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Mini Mechanum Chassis

Mini Mechanum Chassis By Janavi and Justin


To everyone's suprise, Garchomp didn't pan out. But, practice makes perfect, and that’s what we are going to do: create new chassis until we find one that works!

When looking...

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Travis High School Night

Travis High School Night By Ethan, Evan, Kenna, Charlotte, and Karina

Task: Present about SEM and the Iron Reign Robotics program

Today, we went to the Travis H.S. Night to talk to prospective freshmen about our robotics...

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SEM STEM Spark By Ethan, Charlotte, Janavi, Abhi, Karina, Justin, Bhanaviya, and Alisa

Task: Volunteer at SEM STEM Spark

For the past year, members of Iron Reign have been planning this event and getting approval. For those...

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SEM STEM Spark Preparation

SEM STEM Spark Preparation By Charlotte, Ethan, Janavi, Abhi, Karina, and Justin

Task: Prepare for and set up SEM STEM Spark

The National Honor Society at our home school, the Science and Engineering Magnet, has been working...

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Recruitment Update

Recruitment Update By Ethan

Task: Analyze recruitment efforts

So, as we've stated in prior posts, this year has historically been the most effective year for recruitment, ever. We have had 30! total signups, up from -5 last...

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Meeting Log

Meeting Log October 13, 2018 By Charlotte, Janavi, Ethan, Arjun, Abhi, Justin, and Karina

Meeting Log October 13, 2018

Sumo bots :)

Today's Meet Objectives

Today we are taking part in a massive outreach event to teach STEM to...

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Developing a CNN

Developing a CNN By Arjun and Abhi

Task: Begin developing a Convolutional Neural Network using TensorFlow and Python

Now that we have gathered and labeled our training data, we began writing our Convolutional Neural Network. Since Abhi had used Python and...

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BigWheel+ By Evan

Task: Continue work on BigWheel

Since the last time we have discussed Bigwheel, the robot has gone through a few major changes. First and foremost, it now has a flipper arm. Since the robot...

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Project Management

Project Management By Charlotte

Task: Improve Iron Reign's team organization and time management

Iron Reign sometimes struggles with our team organization and time management. There have been many instances where we have fallen behind in different subteams...

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Mining Base 2.0

Mining Base 2.0 By Ethan

Task: Rethink our static robot idea

So, our dream this year is to create a static robot. Last week, we found out about a rule change that would prevent our mining robot from staying within the...

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Upgrading to FTC SDK version 4.0

Upgrading to FTC SDK version 4.0 By Arjun

Task: Upgrade our code to the latest version of the FTC SDK

FTC recently released version 4.0 of their SDK, with initial support for external cameras, better PIDF motor control, improved wireless connectivity,...

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Meeting Log

Meeting Log October 06, 2018 By Charlotte, Kenna, Janavi, Ethan, and Arjun

Meeting Log October 06, 2018

Code Testing with Arjun :)

Today's Meet Objectives

Since many of our members had other commitments today, we are expecting a quiet...

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Labelling Minerals - CNN

Labelling Minerals - CNN By Arjun and Abhi

Task: Label training images to train a Neural Network

Now that we have software to make labeling the training data easier, we have to actually use it to label...

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Another Design Bites the Dust

Another Design Bites the Dust By Ethan

Task: Discuss a new rule change

At one point, we were thinking about creating a "mining facility" robot that stays static within the crater and delivers the blocks into the mining depot. In our...

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Team Marker Fun

Team Marker Fun By Karina

Task: Create the Team Marker

Last week, we decided to take up the task of creating the team marker, a simple project that would surely be overlooked, but can score a significant amount of points. We...

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Corn-Cob Intake

Corn-Cob Intake By Ethan and Abhi

Task: Design an intake system unique for balls

Right now, we're working on a static-deposit system. The first part of this system is having an intake mechanism that passively differentiates the...

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Designing the Corn Cob Aligner

Designing the Corn Cob Aligner By Ethan and Abhi

Task: Design an aligner for the beater bar

The ice cube tray is 9 holes wide and each hole is 16.50mm wide and long. Using these measurements, we...

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Iron Reign Grants!

Iron Reign Grants! By Ethan

Task: Detail the grant awards that Iron Reign and its associated teams recieved

So, Iron Reign is currently training an influx of new members - so much that we've started two new...

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Designing Wheel Mounts

Designing Wheel Mounts By Justin

Task: Create wheel mounts for our Mini-Mecanum chassis

Today, we modelled two possible designs for mini-mecanum wheel mounts. The purpose of the mounts is to hold a churro or hex shaft in...

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Intake Sorter

Intake Sorter By Abhi

Task: Design a sorter for the balls and blocks

We've been brainstorming ways to sort the gold and silver pieces, and here's our first one. It's a little bulky, but it's a start.


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CNN Training Program

CNN Training Program By Arjun and Abhi

Task: Designing a program to label training data for our Convolutional Neural Network

In order to use the captured training data, we need to label it by identifying the location...

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BigWheel Chassis

BigWheel Chassis By Evan

Task: Work on a possible chassis

We have our first qualifier coming up real soon, and to get ready we decided to get a robot into gameworthy shape. So far we have a few chassis from our...

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Meeting Log

Meeting Log September 28, 2018 By Charlotte, Karina, Kenna, Janavi, Evan, Abhi, Justin, Ethan, and Arjun

Meeting Log September 28, 2018

Coding lessons with new recruits

Today's Meet Objectives

Since our overflow of new recruits, we have opened up...

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Hanging Hook Prototype

Hanging Hook Prototype By Abhi, Ethan, Justin, and Janavi

Task: Design a hook for pulling the robot on the lander

Today, we designed a basic prototype to hang the robot. We designed it, like all our parts,...

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Autonomous Path Planning

Autonomous Path Planning By Abhi

Task: Map Autonomous paths

Ahhhhhhh! Rover Ruckus has been around for a while now and it's time to figure out our autonomous plans! This year's autonomous is a lot more hectic than...

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Meeting Log

Meeting Log September 22, 2018 By Charlotte, Janavi, Evan, Abhi, Justin, Ethan, Arjun, Karina, and Kenna

Meeting Log September 22, 2018

Home Depot Trip!

Today's Meet Objectives

As we are starting to make more serious strides in our...

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Chassis Brainstorming

Chassis Brainstorming By Ethan and Evan

Task: Brainstorm chassis designs

At the moment, we've used the same chassis base for three years, a basic mechanum base with large wheels. However, we don't really want to do the same this year. At...

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CNN Training

CNN Training By Arjun and Abhi

Task: Capture training data for a Convolutional Neural Network

In order to train a Convolutional Neural Network, we need a whole bunch of training images. So we got out into the...

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Vision Discussion

Vision Discussion By Arjun and Abhi

Task: Consider potential vision approaches for sampling

Part of this year’s game requires us to be able to detect the location of minerals on the field. The main use for this is in sampling. During...

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Meeting Log

Meeting Log September 15, 2018 By Charlotte, Karina, Kenna, Janavi, Evan, Abhi, Justin, and Ethan

Meeting Log September 15, 2018

Today Austin, an Iron Reign alumni, visited us from A&M! :)

Today's Meet Objectives


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Brainstorming Two - Enter the Void

Brainstorming Two - Enter the Void By Evan, Abhi, and Janavi

Task: Have a 2nd brainstorming session

Last week, we had a lot of new recruits show up for the FTC kickoff. In fact, a bit too many. Luckily for us,...

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Rover Ruckus Strategy

Rover Ruckus Strategy By Ethan, Kenna, Charlotte, Evan, Abhi, Justin, Karina, and Aaron

Task: Determine the best Rover Ruckus strategies

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Testing Intakes

Testing Intakes By Ethan, Evan, Aaron, and Freshmen as to be determined

Task: Design a prototype intake system

In our first practice, we brainstormed some intake and other robot ideas. To begin testing, we created a simple prototype of a one-way...

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2018 Kickoff

2018 Kickoff By Ethan, Evan, Kenna, Charlotte, Abhi, Justin, Karina, and Arjun

Task: Attend the North Texas FTC Kickoff

Today, we went to the Rover Ruckus kickoff! This year's main challenge is getting blocks (gold) and balls...

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Rover Ruckus Brainstorming & Initial Thoughts

Rover Ruckus Brainstorming & Initial Thoughts By Ethan, Charlotte, Kenna, Evan, Abhi, Arjun, Karina, and Justin

Task: Come up with ideas for the 2018-19 season

So, today was the first meeting in the Rover Ruckus season! On top of that, we...

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Post Kickoff Meeting

Post Kickoff Meeting September 08, 2018 By Karina, Charlotte, Ethan, Evan, Kenna, and Abhi

Meeting Log September 08, 2018

Today Iron Reign attended the FTC 2018-2019 season kickoff at Williams High School. After the event, we gathered...

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2018 Business & Strategy Draft 1

2018 Business & Strategy Draft 1 By Ethan

Task: Write a business plan draft


This year is Iron Reign's eleventh season in FIRST, our ninth year overall. We've participated in five years of FLL and seven years of FTC.
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North Texas Invitational Presentation Series - Worlds

North Texas Invitational Presentation Series - Worlds By Ethan, Abhi, Janavi, Kenna, Charlotte, Evan, Karina, and Justin

Task: Present about Worlds to new teams

This was our last presentation in a series of presentations hosted by Technibots for new and returning...

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Garchomp Presentation

Garchomp Presentation By Janavi and Kenna


After months and months of Kenna and I working on our chassis, all of our work finally accumulated in our presentation. We participated in the Chassis Presentation workshop hosted by technicbots for teams...

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Bigwheel Presentation

Bigwheel Presentation By Arjun and Karina

Task: Present about Garchomp

As a new freshman on Iron Reign, I took on the responsibility of a robot we called Bigwheel. Karina and I worked on getting the robot into something that could be...

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2018-19 Recruitment

2018-19 Recruitment By Ethan, Kenna, Charlotte, Janavi, Abhi, and Arjun

Task: Recruit new members for the 2018-19 season

Last year, Iron Reign lost two members, so we're only looking for 2-3 members to replace them and their particular skillsets. However, our...

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Organization! August 25, 2018 By Charlotte

Iron Reign Clutter

One of Iron Reign's greatest weaknesses is the organization of our physical space. It is rare that our workspace is...

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Mentor Involvement from MIT

Mentor Involvement from MIT By Abhi

Task: Discuss potential support from MIT

In a previous post, I mentioned how the knowledge I gained in machine learning at MIT could help the team. But another way our team could be...

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BigWheel CAD

BigWheel CAD By Ethan

Task: Create a mockup for BigWheel

We've been working on a design for the chassis workshop for quite a while now. We already presented it at the first meeting, and now we need...

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Hey New Members!

Hey New Members! By Kenna

Hopefully, you're here because you heard our announcement or saw our flyers. Even if not, welcome! We are team 6832 Iron Reign Robotics. We've been a FIRST team since 2010 and currently compete in Read More

My Summer at MIT

My Summer at MIT By Abhi

Task: Spend a Summer at MIT

Hello all! You might have been wondering where I went the entire summer while Iron Reign was busily working on tasks. Well for those of you interested,...

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Garchomp Part 2

Garchomp Part 2 By Janavi and Kenna

Task: Build the Chassis

So, we thought we finished but we were wrong, oh so wrong. As you saw in our last post, we thought our chassis was functional. However, after leaving it...

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Dallas Back to School Fair

Dallas Back to School Fair By Ethan and Kenna

Task: Present at the Dallas Back to School Fair at O.W. Holmes

Today we brought the MXP over to O.W. Holmes Academy in South Oak Cliff for our...

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Best Buy Grant

Best Buy Grant By Ethan

Task: Recieve a grant from Best Buy for continued MXP operation

Last year, we recieved a $10,000 award to continue our RV operations, cover staffing costs, and pay for additional technology\repairs. This...

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C.A.R.T. Bot Summer Project

C.A.R.T. Bot Summer Project By Evan, Abhi, and Janavi

Task: Enhance our robot-building skills

At Iron Reign, we hate to waste the summer since it’s a great time to get all the ridiculous builds out of the...

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SEM Nest Outreach

SEM Nest Outreach By Arjun

Task: Present about STEM to new freshmen at SEM

Today Iron Reign presented at the New Student Orientation (NEST) camp at our school, SEM. All incoming freshman were there. We had...

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Replay Autonomous

Replay Autonomous By Arjun

Task: Design a program to record and replay a driver run

One of the difficulties in writing an autonomous program is the long development cycle....

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Technicbots Chassis Project - July Meeting

Technicbots Chassis Project - July Meeting By Kenna, Ethan, Charlotte, Karina, Shaggy, and Abhi

Task: Compare & Collaborate on Chassis

At Big Thought's offices in downtown Dallas, three teams met. Technicbots (Team 8565), EFFoRT (Team 8114), Schim Robotics (12900), and Iron...

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Chassis Flyer

Chassis Flyer By Ethan


This is Iron Reign’s world-championship robot from last season. The basic rundown is this:

  • Weight - 42 lbs
  • Size - 18x17.8x17.5 inches
  • Drive - Mecanum
  • Main parts kit - REV
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Moon Day 2018

Moon Day 2018 By Karina, Ethan, Janavi, and Charlotte

Task: Reach out to the community and spread the magic of robotics

Iron Reign had a great time today at the Frontiers of Flight Museum for the 2018 Moon Day. We demoed...

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Position Tracking

Position Tracking By Abhi

Task: Design a way to track the robot's location

Throughout the Relic Recovery season, we have had many issues with the autonomous being inaccurate simply because the scoring was dependent on perfectly aligning the robot...

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Central Public Library Outreach Event

Central Public Library Outreach Event By Ethan, Kenna, Charlotte, and Evan

Task: Present at the J. Erik Jonsson Public Library

This Saturday, we drove down to the J. Erik Jonsson library to present at the Dallas City of Learning Discovery Fair....

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2018-2019 Recruitment

2018-2019 Recruitment By Ethan

Task: Recruit members for the upcoming robotics season

At the end of last season, we had two members graduate, Austin and Tycho. Their upcoming "goodbye" posts will be posted here, the same as last year. So, we...

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CNC Machine Rehab 1

CNC Machine Rehab 1 By Ethan and Charlotte

Task: Refurbish an Apple II CNC Mill and Lathe Set

We were helping our school's FRC team clean out their parts closet, which hadn't been cleaned in 10-ish years. Under the layers and...

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Turn Up! at Dallas Love Field

Turn Up! at Dallas Love Field By Justin, Ethan, Charlotte, Kenna, Abhi, and Evan

Task: Present at the Dallas Love Field for the DCOL Turn Up! Event

Every year, the Frontiers of Flight Museum hosts Turn Up!,...

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Abbott Intern Week

Abbott Intern Week By Kenna and Austin

Austin and I are interns at Abbott Laboritories' Dallas Site. This summer, we joined all other Abbott High School Interns for intern week. We toured sites all around...

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Swerve Drive Prototype

Swerve Drive Prototype By Abhi and Christian

Task: Build a Swerve Drive base

During the discussion about swerve drive, Imperial robotics, our sister team, was also interested in the designs. Since we needed to conserve resources and prototype, I worked with...

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Swerve Drive Experiment

Swerve Drive Experiment By Abhi

Task: Consider a Swerve Drive base

During the entire season of Relic Recovery, we saw many robots both in and outside our region that had a swerve drive. As Iron Reign, we never considered a swerve...

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UIL 2018

UIL 2018 By Abhi, Karina, Evan, Janavi, Austin, Justin, and Shaggy

Task: Attend the 2018 UIL Robotics Competition


For those who don't know, UIL Robotics is the premier state robotics competition for Texas. Iron Reign has...

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Finishing the Chassis

Finishing the Chassis By Kenna and Janavi

Task: Build a Chassis

We have been working on this chassis, on and off, for over three months. Just about every part of it has been built, disassembled, and rebuilt...

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School of Science and Engineering Freshman Orientation

School of Science and Engineering Freshman Orientation By Austin and Shaggy

Today, we attended the Science and Engineering Magnet's annual freshman orientation. Everyone who is admitted to SEM is required to attend because parents and students...

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Iron Reign earns FTC World Championship Motivate Award

Iron Reign earns FTC World Championship Motivate Award

Last week at the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics World Championship in Houston, Team 6832, Iron Reign, from the School of Science and Engineering in Dallas ISD earned the Motivate award which ranks them at the top in the outreach category.

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