Articles by tag: organization

Articles by tag: organization

    South Superregional - Day Three

    South Superregional - Day Three By Jayesh, Tycho, Omar, Max, Darshan, Austin, Charlotte, Caitlin, Evan, Ethan, and Janavi

    Task: Reminisce on our last three Superregionals matches

    Our final competition day began with the driver team rushing to the pits because of a warning given by the game officials for the first match's teams to reach the pits earlier than expected. We reached in time, in fact about an hour before the match actually began. This mild inconvenience did give us time to formulate a strategy against our opponents, the...

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    South Superregionals Day Two

    South Superregionals Day Two By Max, Tycho, Omar, Jayesh, Darshan, Austin, Charlotte, Caitlin, Evan, Ethan, and Janavi

    Task: Reminisce on our first six Superregionals matches

    After a decent night's rest, we began Day Two at around 7 AM. A lot of our tools and materials were still on our RV, so we first moved them over to our pit. Our match schedule said that we'd have nine matches beginning with Match #1 (just our luck). After the...interesting Pokemon-themed opening ceremonies, we began the day with our first match.

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    Packing lists

    Packing lists By Caitlin, Janavi, Ethan, Omar, and Evan

    Task: Get prepped for the trip

    Every post I write about organization seems to start off talking about how Iron Reign hasn't had the best track record with this sort of thing in the past, but we try anyways. So, like always, we're trying to get everything put together that we can: journals, presentations, props, pit setups, etc. Tools are a little more organized than normal because I'm obsessively trying...

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    Dinner Discussions

    Dinner Discussions By Caitlin, Max, Tycho, Jayesh, Darshan, and Evan

    Task: Set last practices' priorities

    Many members were out of town this break but we still managed to make a good deal of progress. What we forgot to do was post about it. Github kept track of code edits and we have other records of the practices, so we have a list of 11 articles to be written by this Sunday at the latest. Tomorrow's practice (Saturday March...

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    Promote Video 2017

    Promote Video 2017 By Max

    Task: Create a video outlining Iron Reign's outreach

    We have had a lot of interest garnered towards the STEM outreach the team has committed to. When we found that FTC encouraged the creation of a video outlining the STEM outreach we had done, we saw it as an opportunity to show others a general overview of our activities. With Max's excellent voiceover, we made a video talking about how long the team's been at it, the various...

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    Practice Laps

    Practice Laps By Omar, Jayesh, Tycho, Darshan, and Evan

    Task: Get some organized driving practice in before Supers

    With Superregionals drawing near, we thought it prudent to better organize ourselves in terms of driving teams. We've never felt that we were 100% solid, with people not knowing what to do at certain times in the match. For example, our "Coach" position was almost entirely dedicated to yelling out the match time in 10 second intervals. Today, we talked about...

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    Spring Break Doodle Poll

    Spring Break Doodle Poll By Charlotte, Ethan, Evan, Caitlin, Omar, Max, Tycho, Janavi, Jayesh, Darshan, and Austin

    Task: Spring Break Meeting Planning

    In order to organize a plan for our spring break meetings, we created a poll on We all had individual plans for the break, and with the Doodle Poll we were able to see an overview of everyone's availability. As we have a Super Regional competition coming up, we are on a surge during spring break...

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    To Do List

    To Do List By Janavi, Tycho, Max, Jayesh, Omar, Caitlin, Austin, and Darshan

    Task: Update our To Do List


    • CDIM #2 on right side
    • color and distance sensors on right side -done
    • ultrasonic sensors
    • can we get rid of distance sensors?-done
    • omnidirectional travel sensor based on trackball- not high priority
    • omnidirectional travel sensor based on I2c mouse- not high priority


    • simplify beacon detection
    • second beacon
    • compute distance before slowing down
    • alt config to...
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    Meet me in the pit- Tent and Shields

    Meet me in the pit- Tent and Shields By Austin, Caitlin, Tycho, Omar, Darshan, Jayesh, and Max

    Tent Building

    Since we had the general idea of the shape and size of the actual pit tent, we set out to either build or find a tent that we felt best fit the theme we selected. We chose to start off by trying to build a structure via PVC pipe and a tarp like substance that we could drape over the pipe, we...

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    2017 North Texas Regional

    2017 North Texas Regional By Ethan, Evan, Jayesh, Charlotte, Tycho, Caitlin, Max, Darshan, and Janavi

    Task: Win the North Texas regionals

    Summary: We won

    On Febuary 25, we drove our RV to W.E. Pete Ford Middle School, in Allen, TX. The tournament was split into two divisions, and for many of our members, this was our first time encountering that layout. We didn't have any of our team members going to Dean's List interviews this time. We still didn't have an...

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    Pre-Scouting Regionals

    Pre-Scouting Regionals By Ethan

    Task: Find out information on teams at Regionals

    One of the things we're weak on this year is scouting. Dylan did some amazing scouting work last year that got us to regionals, but he is no longer on the team. So, for regionals this year, we want to be prepared. We took the list of teams attending the regionals and searched for any teams that we've either gone against and logged, or have any active social media presence. Then, we logged what their robot did and...

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    To Do List Update

    To Do List Update By Tycho, Max, Jayesh, Omar, Janavi, and Evan

    Task: Update our To Do List


    • CDIM #2 on right side
    • color and distance sensors on right side
    • ultrasonic sensors
    • can we get rid of distance sensors?
    • omnidirectional travel sensor based on trackball
    • omnidirectional travel sensor based on I2c mouse


    • simplify approach path to wall
    • simplify beacon detection
    • second beacon
    • compute distance before slowing down
    • alt config to bypass a non-working...
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    Wylie East Qualifier

    Wylie East Qualifier By Ethan, Evan, Max, Tycho, Darshan, Jayesh, Omar, Janavi, and Caitlin

    Task: To go to the Wylie East robotics tournament

    On Jan. 14, we headed out to Wylie East HS for a North Texas qualifier. Our main goal was to test our new code and additions to the robot - we've added static shields and staticide to protect ourselves from the issues that we suffered from last tournament. We had high prospects this tournament,...

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    Meeting Log

    Meeting Log December 31, 2016 By Ethan, Evan, Tycho, and Caitlin

    Meeting Log December 31, 2016

    Today's Meet Objectives

    Organization / Documentation / Competition Prep

    • Blog Fixes


    • Test autonomous changes

    Build / Modelling

    • Add swinging arms to the robot

    Today's Work Log

    Team MembersTaskStart TimeDuration
    AllPlanning Meeting2:10pm.25
    TychoTest Autonomous2:004
    CaitlinBlog fixes/Cabling2:004
    EthanSwinging Arms/Blog Fixes2:004
    EvanSwinging Arms/Robot Fixes2:004
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    Meeting Log

    Meeting Log November 26, 2016 By Ethan, Max, Tycho, Janavi, Darshan, Omar, and Evan

    Meeting Log November 26, 2016

    Today marks one week until our Arkansas Tournament. God help us all.

    Today's Meet Objectives

    Organization / Documentation / Competition Prep

    • Review Journal
    • Work on Presentation
    • Do Blog Posts


    • Autonomous
    • Testing Code

    Build / Modelling

    • Finish 2nd Level
    • Improve Catapult


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    Meeting Log

    Meeting Log November 22, 2016 By Caitlin, Evan, Ethan, Darshan, Tycho, and Omar

    Meeting Log November 22, 2016

    Main focus for the day is fixing the problems encountered at the scrimmage and making autonomous progress.

    Today's Meet Objectives

    Organization / Documentation / Competition Prep

    • Review Journal
    • Pre-Match checklist
    • Continue Presentation
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    Meeting Log

    Meeting Log November 06, 2016 By Max, Tycho, Jayesh, Darshan, Ethan, Evan, and Janavi

    Meeting Log November 06, 2016

    We've been blogging/journalling at the sub-team level, which allows us to share our work at a deeper level on specific subjects. This ends up creating a need to have many posts in a single practice. That's great for our journal, but we also end up failing to document some...

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    General Organization Progress

    General Organization Progress By Caitlin and Janavi

    Task: Reduce clutter from summer

    We made real progress in sorting the good and dead batteries after UIL, and we've streamlined the charging process. The phones are harder to charge because their cords can disconnect without warning, and they slide around more. If we don't want to waste time in competition, it's important we make the system easy to use and reliable. Janavi and I worked on Powerpole-ing the last...

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    First Official Practice of the Season

    First Official Practice of the Season By Omar, Caitlin, Jayesh, Darshan, Ethan, Evan, Janavi, Max, and Tycho

    Task: Pull ourselves together for the new season

    At this practice, our goal was to get everybody familliar with this year's game, Velocity Vortex, and to brainstorm some ideas for this year's robot. Some organization also needed to be done in terms of parts (everything is everywhere and nowhere at the same time) and also in terms of this year's meeting structure. Last year...

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    Planning Meeting

    Planning Meeting By Janavi, Max, Tycho, Jayesh, Omar, Darshan, and Caitlin


    This week we met to discuss the origination of the meetings for the upcoming year. We decided that for the first fifteen minutes of the meeting we would outline our plans for the meeting. Then during our lunch break we would get together once again to discuss the progress that we have made and what we will move onto by the end of the meeting . By structuring our meetings we will be able accomplish more in the...

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    Meeting with The Texas Workforce Commission

    Meeting with The Texas Workforce Commission By Jayesh, Omar, Max, Tycho, Darshan, Evan, Ethan, Janavi, Caitlin, Trace, and Dylan

    Task: Connect with our sponsors in the Texas Workforce Commission

    Following the conclusion of the state UIL competition, Iron Reign noticed the Texas Workforce Commission building. Given that the organization was one of the team's generous...
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    MXP - Mobile Learning Lab Recap

    MXP - Mobile Learning Lab Recap By Jayesh and Caitlin

    DCOL Mobile Tech XPerience (MXP) Begins Service

    Written by Jayesh Sharma
    Edited by Caitlin Rogers

    Iron Reign has been actively supporting Dallas City of Learning (DCoL) for a few years now. Big Thought (managing partner for DCoL) received a grant from Best Buy to support STEM learning over the summer by taking STEM opportunities into communities so that kids with reduced access...

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    RIP FTC 2016

    RIP FTC 2016 By Jayesh, Omar, Max, Tycho, Caitlin, Darshan, Alisa, Dylan, Evan, Ethan, and Trace

    Task: Review the events that occurred at the FTC Regional Championship

    Link to postmortem document

    Iron Reign had a fairly successful run at our regional tourament, much more so compared to last year. Despite reaching the semi-finals, we were unable to advance past the competition to super-regionals. We had many strengths of ours shown through the day, but also committed...

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    Actual Postmortem

    Actual Postmortem By Jayesh, Caitlin, Omar, Max, Tycho, Darshan, Trace, Alisa, Ethan Evan, and Dylan

    Nolan Tournament


    We have 1 weekend to get it right!

    Iron Reign


    While we had a great tournament, we had major fails on the robot itself and still have a lot of room for presentation improvements. We have 2 weekends to fix everything and it does not seem like enough time.  Since a majority of us were...

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    Post Competition Goals

    Post Competition Goals By Jayesh, Omar, Darshan, Max, Tycho, Caitlin, Ethan, Evan, Dylan, Alisa, and Trace

    Task: Discuss future goals and fixes needed to succeed at regionals and beyond

    In the week following the competition, a Google document was made to discuss sections of building the team can improve on before the regional tournament. There was an outline made where every team member applied to certain sections that they felt needed to be improved upon. The different sections included robot chassis, the presentation, and game strategy. Members voted on item...

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    General Improvements

    General Improvements By Jayesh, Omar, Darshan, Max, Caitlin

    Task: Perfect and improve multiple of our main characteristics of our robot

    Iron Reign held its first Christmas break parade today and we decided to focus our time on making multiple small improvements, rather than adding one big part on our robot. Omar, Darshan, and I spent our time on rewiring and fixing our side motors. We found that one side was greatly lagging behind the other, so we tested to see which motor was failing, and rewiring the system fixed our driving system....

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    Building the Field - Part III

    Building the Field: Part III By Ethan, Trace, Alisa, and Evan

    Task: Building the field for the third week in a row!

    Today, for the third time, we worked on setting up the field. We finished the mountains and the climber setup. We made several mistakes along the way. Firstly, we screwed the mountain climber mounts in wrong, not one or two times, but three times. Then, we realized that the mountains couldn't even fit inside the tent and the wooden boundaries. So, we had to dissasemble it,...

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    Daily Organization

    Daily Organization By Caitlin, Darshan, Evan, Omar, Max, Tycho, Dylan, Alisa

    Task: Get in the habit of organizing daily

    We have never had a great track record of having an organized workspace, so each member was greeted with the new rule as we entered.
    Hopefully this will save us a lot of time in the future because everyone will contribute a little to the effort.


    Once we figured out what we were going to organize the effort...

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    Building the 2015 Field

    Building the 2015 Field By Evan, Dylan, Alisa, Trace, Ethan

    Task: Cleaning and building the Field

    Today we were charged with the task of building the FTC field. There was one problem. The tent we were setting it up in was in a state of decay. We cleaned out the area to make space while others put together the field. It was changed comletely from when it started. When cleaning we discovered many cool things like cassettes and floppy disks. The mat of the field was a little old but...

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    Labor Day Meeting

    Labor Day Meeting By Caitlin, Jayesh, Darshan, Alisa, Omar, Max, Tycho

    Task: Learn about OpModes

    Today, we reviewed opmodes in the FTC API and how to register new opmodes. We also learned about the differences between regular, linear and synchronous (from SwerveRobotics) opmodes.

    Task: Review Blogs/Journal

    Our Blog == our Journal. What we also did today was quickly review how to create blog entries so we can do that more frequently this year. We also tried to catch up on our lengthy backlog of journal articles. We were very busy...

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    Season Startup Team Meet

    Season Startup Team Meet By Max, Tycho, Omar, Caitlin, Trace, Evan, Darshan

    Task: Discuss the upcoming FTC Season

    This meet we discussed topics concerning the upcoming FTC season. Our sister team, Imperial Robotics, was also over getting their robot working with the new motor controllers. We went over basics that we should do to be a better team this season. We went around deciding tasks each member would be in charge of, whether it was logistics, organization, or our business plan. We also discussed how we should promote our team. Evan...

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    Field Navigation Speculation

    Field Navigation Speculation By Max

    Task: Determine necessities of this year's field navigation code

    Today was our very first meet of the year, and as such, not too much got done other than planning and experimentation. For the greater part of the meeting, I worked on concepts for an overhauled field navigation system (Mostly for autonomous, but possibly for tele-op as well). This would include the robot knowing where it is on the field when it starts, the field's and its own dimensions, the locations...

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