MXP at Conrad HS

Tags: outreach and motivate
Personhours: 32
MXP at Conrad HS By Ethan, Evan, Karina, Tycho, Austin, Charlotte, and Kenna

Task: Present to kids and their families at Conrad HS

Today, we brought the RV up to Conrad High School to run our usual RV presentation. For those who dont know, that includes three different sections. Up in the front, we started a MinecraftEDU server and had 3 computers decicated to playing it for younger kids. On the other side, we had set up computers to program EV3s for sumobots. In the back, we ran Google Sketchup on the computers to teach kids how to make keychains and other trinkets using 3D modelling and printing. Our back setup includes 4 FlashForge 3D printers, donated to us by Best Buy.

Today we presented to about 420±50 people. The RV was ridiculously crowded at some points, up to 25 people aboard the RV at some points. We handed out flyers about FIRST to people who visited the table next to our RV as well, with some significant interest. Unfortunately, our power went out around 11, and Kenna felt sick because the exhaust had started going back into the windows. Luckily, we were able to fix these issues rather quickly.


Today was a very successful day for the MXP, and we'll break our record of people talked to easily if we keep this up. We have future depolyments planned soon.

Written on September 16, 2017