Designing the Tent

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Designing the Tent By Janavi and Kenna


So, its SuperRegional time again! And that means time to design our tents and pick a theme for ourselves. Last year when Iron Reign went to Supers for the first time we got so see all of the other teams displays, before last year most of us had only been to regional level competitions and weren't ready for the displays at regional. We saw the coolest tents and got some really cool trinkets. For example one team from Louisiana passed out miniature Tabasco bottles and another team laser cut wood into the FTC logo. We need to make sure that our tent has a good design and we have memorable trinkets to pass out, this is because if we have a recognizable team it will help us in scouting and with sponsors. If we can show sponsors that their name will be on our display then they are more likely to either continue supporting our team or think about maybe starting to sponsor our team. And for scouting we are more likely to get chosen for an assistance if we have a memorable robot performance and pit. This is what our tent looked like last year at supers, we plan to take this design and improve upon it based on the feedback we received

Next Steps:

So I decided to create a 3D model of what our tent might look like, we took measurements of the carts, banners, and tables. This is so we can make sure that we not only have space for all of the items we intend to place in our pit ( Inspire banner, sponsors, school banner,team aquila, carts, banners,tables etc. ) but we also need enough space to move around in our area. I used SketchUp to create the model here are some photos. Last year Austin created a Roman style shield with old field mats as the core and sawed off broom handles (left over from the hats) to keep them stiff. We plan to use those again this year keeping with our Roman theme. We also plan to add to this by hopefully creating another(hopefully lighter) shield to carry around this way we will be recognizable for both our helmets and shields.


Kenna and I worked together last Saturday to create business cards and design wooden coins that we would laser cut out of wood. We decided that we really needed to advertise about 4 main things

Our team logo with our name and team number

Our game stats

Info about the MXP

Social Media accounts and our website

So after thinking all of this, looking at other teams cards and trinkets we came up with this design for the business cards and this one for the wooden coin.

Written on March 4, 2018