Joining Iron Reign

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Joining Iron Reign By Shaggy and Justin

Task: Transition from Imperial to Iron Reign

It all started when both teams went to the North Texas Regional, I was part of Imperial at the time, with high hopes for our robot. We all worked really hard on the robot, so we were all eager to see the robot compete. Once the matches started rolling we saw we didn't had what it took to compete against the power houses. This really made us feel bad because we only worked on robot game and not on any other award. At the end of the day, the Imperial team waited for the award with our sister team because they have worked really hard toward the Inspire award. Sure enough, their hard work paid because they were able to get the 2nd place Inspire award, which meant they were heading to Super Regional. We all went out to celebrate their victory, some of us happier than others. While everyone was talking, our mentor made us an interesting offer. He saw us make an extremely far fetched effort to make a working robot, and liked our work ethic and said "You guys are varsity material". So he decided to offer a friend and I a spot on Iron Reign to continue our adventure with robotics. We could not believe Iron Reign could be so generous as to take us in with open arms. We accepted right away, how could we pass up such an opportunity since we have never been to Super Regionals. It came with conditions though, but we would do anything to keep this opportunity. We had to start doing blog posts, which we had never done before and our mentor wanted to see at least half the work ethic from when we worked on our Imperial robot. We were also given many opportunities here in Iron Reign. Since Iron Reign goes for all the awards, I been able to learn what each award is and how to work towards getting them. We have also learned more on software and hardware. Tycho is an experienced coder and Austin is an experienced builder, both are willing to teach anyone willing to get their hands dirty. These opportunities could not have been found anywhere else besides Iron Reign.

Written on March 2, 2018