Promote Award 2018

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Promote Award 2018 By Kenna, Austin, and Ethan

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With SuperRegionals just around the corner, everyone is going into overdrive and almost forgot about our video for the Promote Award. We got lucky with the due date being extended for the South, so we took the two days we had to make ours.
We wanted to this year's Promote Award video to be a little different from last year's. This entire season we've been trying to move away from the creation of the MXP and more towards its sustainability (as well as Iron Reign's sustainability as a team). Last year's video focused on the MXP. Through FIRST, Iron Reign has affected the lives of all of its team members so we had no lack of stories from members who wanted to share what FIRST and robotics means to them.

We decided on a more personal approach. Austin had the great idea of doing a flashback video where a FIRST alumni remembers their 'good old days' competing in FLL and FTC. We drew from our own member's experiences like Ethan growing up as part of Iron Reign or Jayesh coming back to help us improve our presentation.

image coming ASAP

The video took a couple hours to film, not including prep time. Austin narrated, Ethan filmed, and Kenna edited. To be very honest, everything was done in a bit of a hurry. Next year we will, hopefully, improve and have a couple weeks to create the video.

Next Steps:

Written on February 28, 2018